The customer must read the entire text


Introductory Statement:
The following Special Conditions of Contract are integral parts of the contract between the Customer and Servizi Internet Srl. For anything not expressly stated in these Special Conditions, General Conditions apply ( The following Special Conditions complete the above-mentioned General Conditions for the part they don’t cover and they must be considered added to and/or overriding them as typical of the Service that is the object of the Contract.

Art. 1  - Terms and Definitions

In respect of the Conditions  and attachments, must be considered valid the following definitions:
-PARTIES: the Customer  signing the conditions of contract and Servizi Internet Srl.
-PROVIDER: Servizi Internet Srl  sited in Brescia, via G. di Vittorio n° 51.
-CUSTOMER: the natural or legal person signing the Conditions who can use the Service and assuming in this case the capacity of User.
-CONSUMER: the natural person who buys the Service for purposes not concerning his professional activity, namely who doesn’t make the purchase specifying  in the order form to Servizi Internet Srl any reference to VAT.
-USER: the natural or legal person who uses the Service after recording.
-SYSTEM: the Home Automation System including equipment that allows, through a unique identifier, the remote connection through a Remote Authentication Software, owned by the Manufacturer of the System.
-SERVICE: the object of this contract, namely the access to the system by remote as stated by art. 7 according to the terms and ways set out in these Conditions
-WEBSITE: The website at
-REGISTRATION PROCEDURE: set of activities which are, as for the customer: to fill out a form, to have read the privacy policy and to give consent, to acknowledge and to accept,  if necessary, these Terms, to submit this information, which constitute the "registration request" to be considered as a contract proposal. as for Servizi Internet Srl, the procedure involves: the receipt of the request of registration and notification of the receipt to the customer, the possible acceptance, after final evaluation, of the request for registration, the notification to the customer of the contract proposal and the confirmation of the activation of the Authentication Credentials.
-  PROPOSAL: the filling out of the "Proposal" form containing information about the conditions of supply
- PORTAL: a set of web pages, through which  Servizi Internet Srl offers its services , accessible by URL

Art. 2 - Conclusion of the contract

2.1. In order to conclude this Agreement, using the special forms and following the electronic procedures specified therein, the Customer will submit the proposal to Servizi Internet Srl duly completed and signed. Any technical data as IP address, time reference or text will be produced and stored in electronic devices as close as possible to and in accordance with local regulations and with electronic and software solutions to attest to the integrity and compliance.
2.2 This proposal is irrevocable for the herein specified period  and is binding when it is brought to the attention of Servizi Internet Srl.
2.3 The Contract shall be processed in the following stages:
a) by submitting his proposal, the customer will send to Servizi Internet Srl a proposal to purchase the service. The submission of the Proposal will constitute a consent, according to the law, to receive further communications from Servizi Internet Srl, hereinafter described, aimed exclusively at the conclusion and execution of the Contract
b) Servizi Internet Srl will inform the Customer of the receipt of his proposal, with the assignment of a "number" which must be used in any further communication with Servizi Internet Srl
c) Should the Customer want to revoke, he will have … hours, after sending the Proposal,  to communicate it to Servizi Internet Srl. Servizi Internet reserves the right to reject the proposal, which will be considered accepted if Servizi Internet Srl does not communicate to the Customer its rejection within days 20 (twenty) from the receipt of the proposal.
d) if the proposal is accepted, Servizi Internet Srl will send an e-mail confirming the conclusion of the Agreement and the activation of the Service, upon notice, that will be valid for all legal purposes, to the Customer to be considered equivalent to the notice of execution in art. 1327 of the Civil Code, also via telematics, to the e-mail address specified by the Customer.
e) When the Contract is concluded, the Customer shall make payment using one of the several methods indicated in Annex A, which is an integral part of this contract, pursuant to the following Art. 15.
2.4 In order to conclude the contract, the registration form must be filled out via telematics, as specified above, in the special areas, and the acceptance of these Conditions by the Customer, performed by an application solution LinkOk  owned and operated by Elaborazioni Digitali Srl, assumes the value of the Proposal.
2.5 Once Servizi Internet Srl has established the completeness of the request form received, has  favorably considered the proposal of the customer and has verified  the actual payment of the consideration for the Service, a confirmation/activation e-mail will be sent with an indication of references suitable for data retention.
2.6 When the Contract is accepted, Servizi Internet Srl provides in any case the information required by law, by e-mail, to the address indicated by the Customer during the registration, or through special links. In particular, pursuant to Decree no. 70/2003, Servizi Internet Srl will provide the Customer:
a) a summary of the General Conditions and of the Specific Conditions of Contract
b) a summary of the essential features of the Service
c) details about the price, including taxes, for the additional services that may be required
d) details about the time and the methods of payment.
2.7 For the purposes of communications required by law and called in the above-mentioned art. 2, the customer declares to be aware that these Terms and Conditions and the General Conditions, including attachments, are at his disposal directly on the web site at: The customer therefore declares that, by using this method , Servizi Internet Srl has met the legal requirements both for the provision of the General Conditions and Special Conditions of contract specifications, and for  the communication of information.
2.8 Servizi Internet Srl is committed to the activation of the Service as a result of a request of the Customer in the manner specified above, and anyway in case of subsistence of all the requirements and the specific conditions for the activation of the Service including an indication of the System and the User identification code, unless special service needs, circumstances or force majeure or catastrophic events require a longer period. If not, Servizi Internet Srl will inform the customer without delay in the forms provided for in art. 15 and the activation request will lose effectiveness if the customer fails without delay in the integration of what is required; in this case Servizi Internet Srl is committed to provide for the activation of the service within the following 30 days.
2.9 If the service cannot be activated for reasons beyond the control of Servizi Internet Srl, accident, force majeure or catastrophic events, the Supplier is committed to refund the amount already paid by the Customer, after deducting the expenses incurred in the investigation practice as well as costs incurred for the activation of the service, and to communicate the fact to the manufacturer for the fulfillments of expertise.
2.10 It is understood that if the Service cannot be started for reasons that depend on the customer, even without malice nor guilt, and even though they are not immediately demonstrable by Servizi Internet Srl, this will still be entitled to the regulatory accounting, tax and civil position acquired, by invoicing, for the full amount paid and / or due, to be issued within 80 days, valid as the conclusion of the procedure that the Customer agrees to the satisfaction of his demands. Any other liability shall therefore at the Customer’s unique expense, and he hereby declares to exempt the Supplier.

Art. 3 - Information required pursuant to Decree no. 70/2003

3.1 The following information shall be made in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 9 April 2003 no. 70 - Implementation of Directive 2000/31/EC.
3.2 In relation to the technical stages of the contract for the supply of services:
* From the Customer: the compilation, after taking cognizance of its privacy policy, of the registration form; the manifestation of consent for privacy when required as necessary; the sending of the registration request
* From the Servizi Internet Srl: a confirmation of the receipt of the request of registration will be sent in any case, as well as the possible acceptance
3.3 In connection with the storage of the contract: it is to be noted that the contract will be stored by application solution LinkOk owned and operated by Elaborazioni Digitali Srl.
3.4 In relation to the technical means available to the Customer: in order to identify and correct the mistakes made while filling out the registration form, it is to be noted that these can be corrected before it is sent,  by typing them again, and replacing them . In any case, before sending it,  any errors or inaccuracies concerning the correctness of the compilation of individual fields are pointed out and is delivered to a customer summary screen of the data entered and sent, with the opportunity to confirm or to go back for any changes.
3.5 It is to be noted that the languages ​​available for the drafting and conclusion of the contract are English and Italian.
3.6 In relation to the means of dispute resolution, please refer to the specific provisions in art. 19.
3.7 In order to conserve on paper or on another durable medium of his choice, the Customer may obtain copies of all communications received and transmitted, as well as the General Terms and Conditions Specifications and its annexes attachments, by connecting to LinkOk owned and operated by Elaborazioni Digitali Srl. In any case, the General and Special Conditions of the contract and annexes attachments are available in a printable format on the Portal, by accessing the page through a link.

Art. 4 - Ownership and management of the Archives

4.1 In the execution of the services offered by the portal, Servizi Internet Srl operates the following files relevant to these Terms and Conditions:
a) Purchase requests Archive: accessible to Customers and Servizi Internet Srl. It contains, in addition to personal data and those needed to contact Members, purchase requests made ​​by them, including the description of the service you want to buy.
b) Concluded Contracts Archive: accessible to Servizi Internet Srl and to each individual Customer, exclusively for documents related to his position.
4.2 The form submission must be considered as an authorization, by the Customer to Servizi Internet Srl, to create and manage such archives, to pursue all purposes connected with and necessary for the performance of the Service.
4.3 In any case, its activities will be carried out only for the period of validity of the contract.
4.4 The obligations of preservation for accounting and tax purposes  are excepted.

Art. 5 - Declarations, obligations and responsibilities of the Customer

5.1 In order to access the Service is essential to fill in the "mandatory" set out in the registration form.
5.2 With reference to the email address, the customer declares that it is active, relates to him and can be used for the purpose of carrying out activities relating to the implementation of the General and Specific Conditions of Contract.
5.3 The Customer assumes full responsibility for the legal consequences arising from the acceptance of these Terms.
5.4 The Customer undertakes to comply as of now against Servizi Internet Srl obligations that may arise by virtue of the activities carried out online on the Portal.

Art. 6 - Object.

6.1 The contract concerns the exclusive supply of the to access to the remotely system service
6.2 Service includes the provision by the Supplier of:
- Enable remote connection: providing user code and password that allow the user to connect and control the system from their mobile device;
- Enabling management: through User Code and Password access, the User access via internet to  self-management and responsible use of their data, configuration of remote access to the payments and invoices, replacement, termination processing contractor , e-mail order;
- Support help desk and / or e-mail for the resolution of issues dependent on the supplier and / or system. Outside expressly by this Agreement each identification service and resolution of operating problems dependent on links and connections to load the User and / or third parties (including but not limited ADSL connection, electrical connection, lack of coverage of the network for remote control devices) which depends on the proper functioning of  E-mail messages Service: the user, through the system, can be programmed to receive alerts status or events pertaining to their mobile device specified in the system and allready subject of the contract by means of the procedure described in this contract.
6.3 For the purposes of security and protection of the system and in the best interest of the customer, the customer is made ​​aware and acknowledges its understanding that the individual components and methodologies that contribute to meet the object of the contract cannot be published in detail in this place.
6.4 The Parties hereby declare that  have read and fully accepted as an integral part of this contract Annex A

Art. 7 - Supply

7.1 Servizi Internet Srl supplies the service through an automated system via Internet by their own technological equipment, infrastructure and instruments with third party, and then delivering the interconnection (network bandwidth or data transfers).
7. It is understood that the mode of supply referred to in art. 7.1 will be prepared within the limits of the specific object of the contract or the amount due, subject in each case the customs, habits and practices existing or occurring during the term of the contract with the customer according to the principles of the internet community and consistent with the limitations and constraints of the standards and technical requirements.
7.3 The Supplier shall have the right, where requested and where possible in its sole discretion, to maintain a continuous and constant availability of its instrumentation and its hardware and software equipment for communications, according to the procedures and in compliance with all other evidence that may be necessary for the proper provision of the Service and to cover the unavailability and / or malfunction.
7.4 Is prohibited to the Customer the use or the destination of the service provided executed in a manner which it was not specifically covered by this contract. Servizi Internet Srl reserves the right to verify that the actual use of the service and / or the provision corresponds to the specific use and which is consistent with that provided by engaging the customer to ensure the performance of these checks at any time.
7.5 The Customer must not use the service for illegal purposes or in ways and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Supplier from any consequences arising from loss, damage, liability, cost or expenses, including attorneys' fees as well, rising violation of this principle also by third parties.
7.6 The Customer must not use the Service for any unlawful purpose or in a way which insults or cause harassment and directly or indirectly violate the rights of others not identified by the system. To protect even prior to its own rights and to ensure the safety criteria and proper functioning of their systems and procedures, in compliance with the legislation on protection of personal data and upon notice to Producer as the owner of the system for their own competence, Servizi Internet Srl will take appropriate measures to inhibit, even in advance, any abuse and to limit, where possible, the use of service delivery with no interruption charge whatsoever to the Customer by the Supplier relief against any action, demand, therefore, expense, damage or claim any consequential, arising even if, directly or indirectly.
7.7 In cases of violation of the principles set out in paragraphs 7.4 - 7.5 and 7.6, the Supplier shall be entitled to terminate the contract pursuant to Art. 1456 of the Civil Code. After suspension of the service to be notified by sending a letter to the customer including e-mail addresses from the same press, without being required to return any sum already paid by the customer who will be deducted as penalty, provided the compensation for additional damages. Such notice shall be simultaneously forwarded to Manufacturer
7.8. Servizi Internet Srl has the right to inform forthwith the judicial authorities and / or Administration and / or recording of facts that make manifest the illegality of the activities and / or information which become aware of to the customer.
7.9 The Customer declares to be aware that, through remote access, it operates directly on the same system in use and that all information and images on the Internet transit and are not stored on the computer system or Servizi Internet Srl in use by the user.

He also declares that he is aware that the information for connecting the system to the remote device are transferred directly from the user through its Internet, while the devices' servers and programs "owned by Servizi Internet Srl and the Manufacturer and only serve as support for authorized persons to direct (by IP, and remote controls) from / to the remote device the user without in  any way treat the data that pass through there and still be requested and sent by the system.

Art. 8 - Confidentiality of data in transit

8.1 The Supplier undertakes and guarantees the confidentiality and privacy of the contents of any e-mail or other electronic or physical medium transited through its services and its facilities in reason and in any case limited to the purposes of its service under this contract , except as provided for in Article. 16, and in the case of interception warrant issued or notified by the judicial authorities and / or public security or against the simple informal request by the latter in relation to the possible existence of a use of the service and / or performance for illicit purposes referred to in art. 7 or for the protection and ensuring the smooth functioning of their systems and procedures.
8.2 Where it is necessary in order to preserve its image, or to protect its rights and interests or for the operation of their systems and of their duties or by reason of compliance with its commitments and / or contracts, or to meet the needs of investigations , inspections, checks by national and / or international structures, Servizi Internet Srl has the right to copy and transmit content and data and put aware of events and facts third parties.
8.3. The Customer hereby declares to release and hold harmless, however, Servizi Internet Srl from any and all liability which may arise out of civil, criminal and / or administrative action, any complaint,administrative or judicial action, losses and damages, direct or indirect (including legal fees and expenses arising from the illicit or illegal services and / or goods or services used by the customer or take advantage or that may arise from the use, from the storage and / or dissemination of the data transmitted, communicated, passed , transcribed, entered or stored by the service) when they are likely to violate existing laws or regulations and amended during the term of this Agreement.
8.4 In case of breach or default in respect of only one of the terms and conditions above, Servizi Internet Srl reserves the right, upon notice sent to the Customer at the addresses or e-mail from the same press, to cancel the contract or suspend service until the breach and / or failure is not cured, without prejudice however appropriate actions also for the further compensation.

Art. 9 - Service and Maintenance

9.1 The User in case of necessity can refer to a help desk and / or via e-mail using the references and the contacts indicated in the remote management panel. For the best use of the Service, Servizi Internet Srl provides technical support only on the machines and programs of his own, not one of the obligations against him perform maintenance or control over equipment or programs belonging to the customer and / or third parties, including Remote Authentication Software property of the manufacturer.
9.2 The Supplier is not responsible, and therefore will not be responsible for work performed on equipment not owned by Servizi Internet Srl or the System and Remote Authentication Software, as well as not be liable for the results produced by these interventions and damage caused by or related to abnormalities attributable to the fault of the customer and / or third parties.
9.3 In the event of a need for technical assistance and maintenance as specified above, the Supplier shall in any case not to exceed the day 5 (five) the unavailability of the service and at 99.5% UpTime or availability of use per year solar.

Art. 10 - Restrictions and Responsibilities

10.1 Servizi Internet Srl is solely responsible for the continuity of the service connection from a remote location, except in cases of force majeure, accident, tampering with the customer and / or third parties or wrong use of the service by the user.
10.2 Servizi Internet Srl is committed to provide the service according to the standards of quality in keeping with the ordinary professional care system and will not be liable for any direct or indirect, suffered or be suffered by the Customer in the event of delayed or incomplete functioning of its services due to the incompatibility or lack of functionality of hardware and / or software of the customer and  hardware and / or software of  third-party, including those pertaining to or arising from the use of the System and Remote Authentication Software property.
10.3 Servizi Internet Srl shall not be responsible for non-delivery, loss, delay of delivery of the message or the incompleteness of the message or the delay in the dial-up or other lack of service due to incorrect use of the same by the User . In particular, the Supplier shall not be liable in the event of non-receipt of communications, having no control over the equipment involved and the software on another's property and equipment of the sender on the public Internet, the servers of e-mail address of the customer.
10.4 Servizi Internet Srl is never and in no way responsible, not having control over the equipment involved, for any damage caused to the client and / or third  party from the loss or delay in the delivery of communications in remote connection, due to inability to contact users for any problem related to the user number and / or address of the recipient.
10.5 Servizi Internet Srl shall not be liable to the Customer or any third party for breach of its obligations arising from acts of God or events beyond its reasonable control, including inefficiencies or failures of telecommunications, business or government and / or public administration, legal restrictions, natural disasters, lightning, fire, explosions, strikes, etc. .., will not be held responsible for failures of third parties that affect the normal operation of the service.
10.6 Servizi Internet Srl shall not be liable, except in cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence, for any damages that may arise as a result of disruptions, loss of transmission or reception, inefficiency, delays or errors in transmission or reception of messages.
10.7 Servizi Internet Srl is never and in no way responsible for any damages, loss or injury that may result to the client or third party in connection with the failure or defective delivery of the service, outages, loss of transmission or reception including electronic data for any therefore, both direct and indirect, is predictable unpredictable. Similarly, the Customer acknowledges that the Supplier shall not be liable for any consequences arising from causes not attributable to it and any impediment or obstacle can not be overcome by ordinary diligence.
10.8 Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless, as of now, Servizi Internet Srl for any claims made ​​by third parties against him for the alleged damage above.
10.9 It is understood that, if it is equipped with a communication system Certified Email (PEC), the customer assumes all responsibility for the existence and proper functioning of the e-mail, free and any other technical element of his your entitlement that is necessary for the proper performance of this contract as well as assume any responsibility for its continuous updating and development.
10.10 10 The Supplier is under no obligation to verify the accuracy of the identification data of the system and the User releases and / or entered by the customer for the use of the service, and, therefore, not liable under the above truth obliging the customer to indemnify and hold harmless now for then Servizi Internet Srl from any and all claims, actions, demands following and / or deductible, present and / or future, foreseeable or unforeseeable even by third parties.

Art. 11 - Right of withdrawal

11.1 The Customer is entitled to withdraw from this contract, only for the object in art. 6, to be exercised within 30 days from the date of execution of the same, in accordance with the relevant legislation (Legislative Decree no. 185/1999 - Leg. 206/2005). In this case, the Servizi Internet Srl will issue a credit note if already issued an invoice, less in each case, the amounts still owed ​​by the Customer in respect of costs and expenses incurred by Internet Service Srl for the costs of investigation or otherwise..

Art. 12 - Duration of contract

12.1 The contract lasts one year from the date of its conclusion as described in Article. 2 and will be automatically renewed from year to year, unless terminated by sending a registered letter or by Mail to the address stated by the parties for the purposes of this contract within days 30 (thirty) the due date.
12.2 The Customer may, at any time, terminate the contract by giving written notice to Servizi Internet Srl by registered letter or by E-mail and related shipping and receiving confirmation of receipt, or by fax with a photocopy of an identity document with which will also produce attached the express statement of intention and the request for cancellation and / or revocation of the service . The withdrawal shall take effect after 30 (thirty) days from the date of registration of the memorandum to the customer.
12.3 The Customer acknowledges and agrees that, in case of withdrawal, the services covered by this contract, once expired, will be disabled and stopped.
12.4 The withdrawal or the consensual resolution have effect for the future and do not affect the part of the contract already performed with the consequent right by Servizi Internet Srl of the fee paid for the whole year.
12.5 In all cases of exercise of the right of withdrawal, the person responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, also suffered by third parties, will be exclusively the customer.

Art. 13 - Changes to Contract Terms

13.1 The Customer expressly authorizes Servizi Internet Srl to send the email from the same indicated in the registration phase, a file containing the General Conditions and Specifications of the contract and any subsequent amendments, which constitute all contractual terms of the provision of the Service .
13.2 The Customer undertakes to print on paper or on a suitable durable medium and retain the Terms and Conditions and specifications of the contract, all subsequent changes, not relating to the payment which were subsequently made ​​to them.
13.3 The use of the Service by Customer will constitute a confirmation of his willingness to accede to the General Conditions and Specifications and the related changes in their totality and integrity.

Art. 14 - Economic Consideration

14.1 The Customer undertakes to correct and precise fulfillment of the payment obligations of the service covered by this contract as assumed in form, terms and conditions of the General Conditions of Contract ( contracts) in Appendix A that the customer claims to have already read and agree with the signing of this measure in part, even with regard to the subsequent amendments and additions to which it gives as of now peaceful and expressed ratification, working to effect the Supplier to communicate any changes to the customer within the contractual deadline.
14.2 At the time of subscription and at the time of each renewal of the contract the customer agrees to make payments when due for the supply of the service as mandatory expressed and confirmed by this Act in the manner of the Supplier that the Customer declares to have read and accepted with the signing of this Act with electronic procedures provided, however, the request for payment of the services must be followed by the issuance of the invoice.
14.3 The price and conditions of service are excluded VAT and other charges, taxation and indirect costs, all as best shown in Appendix A that the parties declare that have previously seen and accepted as well as an integral part of this Act. Any costs incurred by the Supplier on behalf of the customer beyond what is necessary to meet the obligations and therefore not covered by the fees will be budgeted and communicated to the customer, unless it is necessary to proceed with urgency because of security requirements for the protection of 'user.
14.4 The fees may be subject to review on an annual basis in relation to the change ISTAT (national index of prices and consume of workers and employees’  families) or occurring in tax laws of the Italian Law and / or International still apply.

14.5 All invoices for fees or charges covered by this contract will be sent to the address / addresses provided by the customer in accordance with the present contract.
14.6 In the event of late payment will be charged to the customer interest at the current legal rate (where the customer is identified individual consumer) or at the rate provided under the Legislative Decree no. 231/2002 (where the customer is subject operating an economic, organized or professional activity), in addition to the payment of the expenses and charges incurred by Servizi Internet Srl for the recovery of the debt.
14.7 If the Customer fails to pay within 15 (fifteen) days from notice without having expressed their willingness to cancellation and / or withdrawal referred to in Articles. 11 and 12, Servizi Internet Srl has the right to suspend the service and / or performance until the failure remains, after reasonable notice to be sent to the customer at the email address from the same document in accordance with the present contract. If the customer fails to pay within 45 (forty five) days from the same period, the Supplier shall be entitled to unilaterally terminate the contract of law and pursuant to art. 1456 of the Civil Code., After 10 (ten) days from notice communicated to the Client by registered letter or equivalent electronic form (PEC or ordinary mail), with the right to work also permanently deactivate, delete and disposal of each service, and without limitation to any Servizi Internet Srl right to proceed to the satisfaction of its claims on debtors.
14.8 The customer is obliged to pay the amount due even in cases of suspension referred to in the previous paragraph.
14.9 Servizi Internet Srl will reactivating the Service only in the face of new request, which shall be a whole new supply, and provided that the Customer has full and final provided to pay any debt position of the Supplier.
14.10 Pursuant to art. 1456 of the Civil Code, his contract may be terminated unilaterally by the Supplier with immediate effect if the Customer becomes insolvent, is placed in liquidation or subject to any bankruptcy proceedings or has otherwise ceased their activities.

Art. 15 - Correspondence and Communications

15.1 For your physical mail Servizi Internet Srl uses PO Box 601 Postal Branch 18 of Brescia 25125, in respect of which the Customer hereby declares to recognize and approve legal effect to the relief of the Supplier from any other burden communication.
15.2. The customer has the obligation to give an address of residence or domicile for matching routine and at least one address (telephone and mobile phone, fax, E-mail) for any urgent communication and of which hereby guarantees the full and exclusive ownership, taking all responsibility on the existence and veracity of the data provided, with express waiver of verification and proof by the Supplier.
15.3 Notices sent by e-mail will be effective immediately, those sent by registered mail or Certified Mail (PEC) will be effective upon their receipt. The e-mail communications will have value only if followed by email confirmation of receipt, committing each party to send a confirmation of receipt at the time when the message was actually received.

15.4 The Customer shall be solely responsible for the steps necessary for the administrative management of data entered in relation to the legality of their acquisition, the provision of this information, the collection of consent where necessary and performance of this contract in connection with the provision of the service.
15.5 Any notice to the Customer  will be directed at the address and further references resulting from this proposal. It is understood that, if it is equipped with an E-mail communication, the customer assumes all responsibility for the existence and proper functioning of itself and its continuous updating and development. In this case, the address of the Customer shall be considered elected to each and every effect at the above e-Mail, as stated or subject to subsequent implementations, exonerating the Supplier from the burden of proving the transmission and reception of 'dispatch and communication to the customer. It is understood that, in its sole discretion, Servizi Internet Srl may also use forms of communication that use traditional paper and electronic documents digitally signed in order to achieve their goals.
15.6 The customer is aware of the possible criminal offense that takes in case of false declarations, is committed to promptly advise Servizi Internet Srl, also by e-mail or fax and subsequent confirmation by registered letter, of any change in their identification data and the address of residence, address, domicile, telephone, fax and e-mail disclosed at time of order to the effects of this contract and the delivery of services. Failing that, any communication to the same will be sent to the last address disclosed and will be considered, however, known to the customer. All communications sent by the Supplier prior to receipt of the letter shall be deemed effectively directed to the old address or reference.
15.7 Any amendment of this Agreement must be made in writing or by e-mail in the manner and in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions valid at the date of signing of this act and subsequent amendments as referred to http://www. and / or in other electronic form of communication, subject to the provisions of the preceding Article. 14.

Art. 16 - Treatment of personal data

16.1 The Parties, by signing this contract mutually agree and confirm that any processing of personal data resulting from the execution of this Agreement shall be made ​​solely for purposes related to the execution and in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 in accordance with the provisions of law.
16.2 In particular, the Customer declares to have read the privacy policy of the and have given their consent where required and necessary to be considered an integral part of this contract, in accordance with and subject to the provisions in art. 3.
16.3 The customer declares to be aware that, with the approval of this Act, the use of the service may involve the visibility of their data and, in this respect, confers and gives express permission to Servizi Internet Srl to communicate and transmit their personal data and their email addresses, and any own website exclusively to the Producer, based in Rezzato (Bs) via Mazzini. 36, the manufacturer and / or marketer and owner of the Remote Authentication Software indicated in the preamble, in order to allow the manufacturer any necessary steps for safety and functionality of the Remote Authentication Software as well as to enable better marketing and promotion of the new system or even home automation systems intended for promotional advertising and information that will inspire them to a better use of the service or safety of the service for the benefit of the customer.
16.4 In this case, the information acquired are validly transferred without the customer can perceive any violation of any limitations on disclosure, stating the customer now for then to stand surety for and indemnify Servizi Internet Srl from any and all damages from any direct or indirect damage, foreseeable or unforeseeable, arising out or deductible as a result of the provisions of this Article.
16.5 The privacy-policy and information relating to the processing of data relating to performance of service under this contract are to be considered essential and integral part thereof.
16.6 According to the law relating to the protection of persons and other subjects regarding the processing of personal data, the data provided by users will be processed, directly or through third parties, as well as fulfill their obligations under the law, regulation,  legislation or international law and in particular to give full effect to all contractual obligations.
16.7 The treatment of your personal data  will be using paper or computer and / or telematic supports even by third parties for whom the knowledge of personal data is necessary or useful for the performance of our Company, in each case the processing will be carried out using methods that guarantee security and confidentiality.
16.8 The holder of personal data is Servizi Internet Srl.
16.9 In relation to the processing of personal data, the User may exercise the rights provided by law.

Art. 17 - Applicable law

17.1 This contract is governed by Italian law and interpreted in accordance with its terms.

Art. 18 - Disputes

18.1 If the User-Consumer, for all disputes arising under this Agreement, including those relating to its validity, interpretation, execution and resolution the territorial imperative is the judge of the place of residence or domicile of the Consumer, if the territory.
18.2 In cases not covered by the preceding paragraph all disputes arising under this Agreement, including those relating to its validity, interpretation, execution and termination will be the sole responsibility of the judicial court of Brescia for any enforcement actions, damaged or , in general, related to payments.

Art. 19

You, with the Registration, specifically approves the following clauses:
* Art. 2 (Conclusion of the contract)
* Art. 5 (statements, obligations and responsibilities of the Client)
* Art. 7 (mode of delivery) in respect of points 7.3, 7.4, 7.5, 7.6, 7.7, 7.8 and 7.9
* Art. 8 (Confidentiality of data in transit) in respect of points 8.2, 8.3 and 8.4
* Art. 9 (Service and Maintenance) in respect of points 9.1 and 9.2
* Art. 10 (Limitations and responsibility)
* Art. 11 (Return)
* Art. 12 (Duration of the contract) in respect of points 12.3, 12.4 and 12.5
* Art. 14 (Fees economic) in respect of points 14.3, 14.5, 14.6, 14.7, 14.8 and 14.09 14.10
* Art. 15 (Correspondence and communications) in respect of points 15.2, 15.4, 15.5 and 15.6
* Art. 16 (Privacy) for the points 16.3 and 16.4
* Art. 17 (Law)
* Art. 18 (Disputes).
The parties agree that the approval of this Agreement and the provisions mentioned under Articles. 1341 and 1342. Civil Code. through the practice of C.D. "Point and click" meets the requirement of written form.

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